Having a very obvious breakdown, but still trying to hide it


is just like:


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Wow, I have never been so upset over the death of a famous person before.

What would it mean for me to win?

What would it mean for me to win?

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fuck (tw: eating disorders)

Why am I not this skinny anymore?


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being rational

Dear Self,

Anyone in a difficult/stressful situation like yours might lose their ID! People lose things all the time. It is not the end of the world. You can still have a drink tomorrow night, just not at the restaurant probably. And then your mom can FedEx you your passport so you can still board a plane in a few weeks/buy alcohol for the rest of term. She can (and gladly will) even overnight it so you have it by the end of the week! Then you can get it replaced. It might take a while, but who cares?? Your passport will take care of airplanes/buying alcohol, and it’s not like you can drive, anyway.  Please stop being so upset with yourself, everyone makes mistakes, and you’re doing amazingly, considering.