It is nearly 3 pm. At 4:30 I have to leave, not learn, the house and lead a discussion section. I have been lying around reblogging funny things and weeping since lunch. (I also made a cookie cake.) Between 3 and 4:15 I will

* email Ms.S re: job stuff
* send in job app #3
* write out a plan for section
* clean my room
* drink a lot of water to make this huge headache go away
* have a snack? really?!
* email W. 

When I get back this evening I will have dinner (ON MY OWN OH CHRIST), Skype with my boyfriend, do my Gender & Sexuality in Antiquity homework, and make my Take Back the Night sign. Any suggestions?

shittons of homework, sponsored by Smetana, water, and a vanilla candle