So far, I have

* returned from Amsterdam
* received an email from my mom saying that she got my coming-out letter, was really glad I shared with her, is open to talking about anything and everything, loves me, wants only for me to be comfortable with myself and where I am going, and is glad I have a supportive community 
* cried a bunch (happily) over above sentiment ^
* showered
* consumed a croissant and a cup of black tea
* uploaded photos from Amsterdam to my Facebook

and in the remaining part of the day I want to

* do a pilates workout
* do two loads of laundry
* make some flashcards
* talk to the Boy
* talk to my mom
* find a return ticket to New York
* email Friend T.H., Friend T.W., and Friend L.
* eat lunch and dinner
* unpack/clean
* read in Pu der Bär 
* update study abroad blog