Wordpress blogs or Twitter feeds I should follow — specifically related to sexual violence prevention, etc.?


my new sideblog; mostly images, ideas, and music. planning/fantasizing about my future home.

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My Travel Tumblr


I leave tomorrow for 3 months in Spain. If you have any desire to experience it all with me, feel free to follow. 

Awesome person/my best friend/beautiful soul/brilliant mind/delightful nerd goes to Spain. Trust me, you’ll want to be following this blog.

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Sketchbook Radical

Hey all you feminist fans (let me see you clap your hands! …wait, no):

Check out this awesome blog run by my friend Katherine. She’s a super-talented artist and a loud, brilliant feminist and on this blog she shows all kinds of awesome art, deconstructs fairy tales, and posts passionate rants and raves. Sweet!

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