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Ministry of Magic - Phoenix Lament

It’s not enough
To say that time
Can mend my wings
That one day I’ll fly.


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"But I cannot ask you to do the same or even put up with all that I would need, I am just too much for one to love"

Lupin’s Tale, Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls

just needed

to take a tiny break to sit down in Friend J’s room and say this:

best friends (Friend R + Peter + Friend J + via-Skype boyfriend) + Wrock Christmas music + cooking in a cute apartment in a late November evening = lovely, lovely, lovely.


There By My Side [OBatR] (by hptwilighter)


(tears in my eyes) I love OBatR. I love Harry Potter. I want these friendship(s), and I think I’m lucky enough to already have a few. Now we just need to all live in the same area and do stuff together and drink butterbeer in evenings all together. Ok?

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so help me god if you try to run - one by one, flash bang done.

so you see you better tell me what you have done with something that belonged to me you fool
so shut your mouth, I can’t believe that it’s in the hands of someone that I disdain
it makes me cringe
and you’ll get what you deserve: anything less would be absurd
so help me god if you try to run - one by one, flash bang done. 

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Christmas At Hogwarts - Harry and the Potters

Pete and I heard this live on December 18 at the NYC Yule Ball. 

New love

My new love is Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls.

Also, today has been relatively good. I get to work at the WC again next year (for $!), my application was approved for the apartment I want (cheap, decently cute, super-great location, with a friend), I got compliments on my hair, and I’ve been fairly productive. I don’t feel very freaked out about schoolwork - I am doing alright, and that’s all I can ask for or expect from myself right now. And I cleaned my room. And this morning I had this great moment of, “wow, I’m at university. What a privilege to be able to get a college degree - I am so grateful for this.”

Also, I finally got my University Choirs sweatshirt. Nerd fashion! And though normally I don’t like Z. Randall Stroope, his Lamentations of Jeremiah is a thing of true beauty. The alto line KICKS ARSE.