weekend to-do list number 9582 batrillion

Decorate luminaria bag and drop it off at Relay for Life
Edit thesis (big full edit-able draft ready to begin Final Editing on Monday)
Pedagogy reading (“In Sports Announcing Women are Left on the Sidelines,” “Sex Sells, Not Women’s Sports,” “Living in a Globalizing World,” “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” “The Ecofeminist Perspective,” and “Consumption: North American Perspectives”)

Journals for weeks 6 and 7

Gender & Sexuality in Antiquity reading (“A Divine Portent,” "Desecration of the Rites of the Bona Dea," & "Vestal Virgins" all from Plutarch; Propertius 4.9; H.S. Versnel’s “The Festival for Bona Dea and the Thesmophoria”)